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About Us

Our story…

Sudden Impact Paddling Club (SIPC) is Cultus Lake’s largest paddling club. SIPC was formed in 2001 when a team called Smoke on the Water from Harrison Lake decided to move their practices over to beautiful Cultus Lake and there the club has stayed. Over the years we have had many teams paddle under the SIPC club name: Cultus Black, Cultus Blue, and Water Warriors to name a few.

In the last two years, we have built the club up once again after the pandemic when the world shut down and we were faced with the new norm as all clubs were around the world.

We are now proud to have three Dragon Boat teams and one Outrigger team that practices on beautiful Cultus Lake. We actively recruit throughout the year. It’s never too late to join one of our teams! Contact us for more information at

Sudden Impact Paddling Club

Cultus Lake
Chilliwack, BC
V2R 4Z8

(604) 217-6097